Julieann Randall

On December 11, 2018 I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Julieann T. Randall. Julieana is a new author who is adding diversity and compassion to out literary selections. Her character Jade is a eleven year old African American girl who has a strong self-esteem, even when faced with being bullied at her new school. To watch our interview click here.

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To stay up to date on Julieann T. Randal and her empowering young adult novel Jade Joureys check out her website. To purchase Jade Journeys, Say it Loud! Affirmation Cards, self-esteem journal & pen set,  or magical t-shirt click here.

Follow Julieann T. Randall on InstragramFacebook and LinkedIn.

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CLick here to Watch the Interview with Julieann T. Randall.

Please Like and Comment. Did you or children close to you deal with bullying in school? Did you check out Julieann T. Randall’s website?  How do you support youth in your life who have went though or who are undergoing bullying? What did you think about the wonderful positive esteem boasting items available? 

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