Celebrate Black History Month By Blogging


Celebrate Black History Month By Blogging

Hello my name is Kathryn T. Hall and I want to start a Black History Month blogging challenge on Twitter. February is Black History Month and is almost here. Let’s celebrate it together. I am calling the blog trend #BlogBlHistory. Black History Month + Blogs = BlogBlHistory. My website to tag me at is www.kathrynthall.com

#BlogBlHistory is a blogging challenge which consists in publishing blogs sharing positive information about Black History Month in order to celebrate the month!  #BlogBlHistory are similar to the #blogmas at Christmas. Everyone celebrates Christmas in their own way and #BlogBlHistory tags are just an extension of that.

To participate enter the name and blog web address of the person who tagged you for your BlogBlHistory. At the end of your BlogBlHistory post tags fellow bloggers to take the same challenge.  For each week in February 2019 a BlogBlHistory topic will be tagged. This is a super simple, fun and great way for all bloggers to celebrate Black History Month! Please tag me at www.kathrynthall.com in all of your BlogBlHistory posts!

List of Black History Month Weekly Tags:

  • February 1st – List 10 African American Inventors and their Inventions.

  • February 8th – List 10 African American Books and their Authors.

  • February 15th – List Your Top 10 Songs Sung By Black Artists.

  • February 22nd – Top 10 Favorite Black Television Shows.

  • February 28th – Top 10 Favorite Black Movies.


If you would like to participate choose the date(s) and corresponding topic(s) you want to participate in. Happy Black History Blogging! Tag me at the beginning of the tag and tag everyone you want to participate at the end of the tag. Use the hashtag #BlogBlHistory when posting the blogs on Twitter.


If you want to be tagged leave me your name, website address and which topics you would like to be tagged in, in the comments!

Tween Valentine’s Day Party

Tween Valentine’s Day Party

A cute and fun idea if you have a tween at home is to do a Valentine’s Day Party for the girls. Often parents of tween girls find their daughters in that  awkward stage between being a little girl and becoming a teenager. Oh do I remember the those days with my daughter. This age group generally does not have a significant other and the idea of celebrating Love and doing something special usually satisfies this group.

Allow your daughter to invite her best girlfriends for a few hours. I would limit the number to about 12 tweens including your child or children. Now after saying this, boys in the tween group may enjoy a Valentine’s Party for them and their buddies as well. So keep this in mind if your son is a tween.  Ask him and see how he feels also. First choice a good time to host the Valentine’s Day Party, often Valentine’s falls on a weekday, so decide do you want to have the party after school or on the weekend. Next, choose your location. For a small group it may be easiest and  cheapest to have it at home. If you live in an apartment, sometimes they have a rental room that you can utilize for free or with a small deposit. After you have your date, time and location picked it is time to organize your menu and activities for the party. Let your kid(s) help with these details. Make the planning stages a fun activity for you to do together.

To make the party simple and easy, concentrate on three key elements.

  • Decorations

  • Food & Treats

  • Activities & Games

Valentine Day Decorations

Valentine Day Inexpensive Decorations

A great thing about decorating for a Valentine Day tween party is that you can use simple and easy decorations to do the trick. You can buy a few decorations from your local Dollar Tree. They have a good assortment of helium balloons, silk flowers, silk flower petals, pink & red tablecloths, cups and napkins, plus many other Valentine decorations. You can also buy inexpensive Valentine Day decorations at Family Dollar, Walmart and other discount stores. Also check out local craft stores for inexpensive decorations.  Here is a link to decoration ideas.

Valentine Day Food

There are a vast number of party food options. You can always go with tween favorites like hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, pizza and/or mini hamburgers. Make sure to check the kids for food allergies. Here is a link to teen party food.

Valentine Day Treats

Treats are a must for Valentine’s Day! Here are some cute and yummy treats ideas.

  • Cup Cake Decorating Bar

This can be a cute and fun activity for the party goers. Pre-make cupcakes and offer two frosting choices. Offer two to three sprinkle choices to top the cupcakes. Also offer a couple of small candy toppings for the kids to put on their cupcakes. Click here for some cupcake ideas.

Tip: You can also buy a variety of three or so cupcake choices from the  store and put them on trays or platters. For example buy chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cupcakes and lets the kids choice their favorites.

  • Cookie Bar

Just like the cupcake bar you can have lots of fun with decorating cookies or buy a variety of Valentine Day cookies from the your local bakery or grocery stores. Click here for some cookie ideas.

  • Ice Cream Bar

Ice cream can be a great coupling with cupcakes or cookies. And of course an ice cream bar is a great  stand alone treat. Click here for some ice cream bar ideas.

Valentine’s Day Games

An adorable and fun game to play at a tween party may be My Heart is Bursting.

In this game the tweens will punch out mystery goodies from cups that are arranged in a heart shape and hot glued to a display board . Click here for game instructions.  Some great items to put in the cups for tween girls gifts are scented Chap Stick, mini hand sanitizers, mini candy, rubber bracelets or anything you and your daughter choose that fits into the cups without touching on the tissue paper. You can use some of the same ideas and add some items for tween boys.

Here are some more Valentine Day Game Ideas.

Mini valentine bags tied with ribbon are great prizes for your tweens. Everyone loves candy!

Valentine Day Candy Prize

I hope these ideas help you throw a fun and yummy Valentine’s Day Tween Party! Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Like & Comment. Please let me know if you plan to use any of the ideas from this blog. Also please post pictures and let me know how your tween or children Valentine Day celebrations turned out!

5 Ways to Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day With Your Children

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was vital in leading the civil rights movement. The Martin Luther King Day national holiday is a perfect time to reflect on his legacy and how he helped shape our world for the better. This blog contains five fun, educational and easy ways to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


  1. Read Books About Martin Luther King Jr.
  1. Watch a Movie about Martin Luther King Jr.

There is a good array of movies about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A good choice to help children understand the importance of Martin Luther King is an animated movie called Our Friend Martin.

  1. Take a Fieldtrip to an African American Museum

A great way to help children learn about the many facets of the African American experience is to go on a tour at a local African American museum or visit a historical landmark. Many museums and historical sites offer tour times and self-guided tours.  Check your area listings for locations to visit. Below are links to assist you in finding some sites to visit.

  1. Make a Dr. Martin Luther King Craft

A nice way to help younger children celebrate the King Holiday is to make MLK craft.  Here are some links below to help you get started.

  1. Enjoy Doing Some Word Searches, Crosswords or Color

Doing fun and easy word puzzles can be an enjoyable way to help kids learn about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Coloring sheets are a great way for small children to learn about MLK. Below are some links to various printouts for youth.

Please Like & Subscribe. Please leave in the comments any ideas you plan and did use from this article. Also share any other ideas you incorporate with celebrating MLK Day.  I would love to see how you  plan or did celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Also feel free to post pictures of the activities you did to celebrate.

All Children Need to be Represented in Children’s Books

Every child wants and needs to find their place in the world. All children want to see individuals who look like them and people close to them. It is not a coincidence that there are books specifically designed with a female or male protagonist. This gives a choice to children to see boys or girls represented in a center leading role. We see children and early reader books with topics that cover a large array of hobbies, sports, activities, animals, school experiences, academic topics, fantasy, make believe, sibling dynamics, emotions, hero’s, coming of age stories and so much more. This is absolutely wonderful!

I think most parents would agree that a variety of topics to explore in our children’s library helps them to discover new worlds, learn lessons, morals, and helps them learn about identifying other people’s feelings. Kids also like to identify with the protagonist or lead character. Typically the protagonist is portrayed to have any combination of being a good person, a hero, intelligent, honest, attractive, creative, gifted, talented, likeable and/or good at solving dilemmas. Children often identify with or want to be like the lead character in some way. This is why having protagonists from different races and cultural backgrounds are essential in literature for our youth.

On a Personal Note

My daughter is a bookworm like myself. She loved to have books read to her when she was a small toddler and little girl.  She has always had a great joy of reading as she grown from an eager kindergartner to the young adult she is today. I know that representation is important. It is a positive and necessary experience for all children to see themselves in positive characters, as active members in our society. It is true all humanity has beautiful and positive youngsters, but sadly this fact is underrepresented in our literature for our children!

My daughter is in college now. We are African Americans. I can remember searching for books featuring little black girls for my daughter when she was a toddler. This search continued for her when she was in elementary and junior high school as well. I read lots of books to her and we made frequent trips to the library and local bookstores. We choose books including inanimate objects, animals, children and adults as the main characters. Most of her personal library did not include literature represented by African American girls like her.  Many books that featured children representing African American or other cultural backgrounds had to be special ordered online or reserved from other libraries outside of our area from our local library.

Unfortunately, the literature industry has had a slight rise in book diversity, but is vastly behind in having children books that represent our cultural makeup in the United States. “Within five years, more than half of America’s children and teenagers will have at least one nonwhite parent. But when the Cooperative Children’s Book Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison looked at 3,200 children’s books published in the United States last year, it found that only 14 percent had black, Latino, Asian, or Native American main characters. Meanwhile, industry data collected by publisher Lee & Low and others suggest that roughly 80 percent of the children’s book world—authors and illustrators, editors, execs, marketers, and reviewers—are white, like me.” Declares Dashka Slater, in her 2016 article entitled, The Uncomfortable Truth About Children’s Books.

This fact helped inspire my Vicky book series. My series are about a little African American girl named Vicky and her family and friends. Readers can follow along with Vicky on fun celebrations of life and learn some fun lessons on the way. My first Vicky book will be released this year.

On January 25, 2019 Multicultural Children’s Book Day will be celebrated on Twitter.  This one day event celebrates diversity in kid’s literature. To find out more information click this link.

Please Like & Share. Let me know your thoughts on this blog in the comments. Have you found it challenging to find books for your children, grandchildren or other special youth in your life with family cultural dynamics that matches the child? Are you a parent or teacher who seeks to find books featuring characters written by authors of various cultural backgrounds? Are you an author?

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Everyone please let me know if you have any New Year Resolutions! I changed my website domain from www.creativetouchescelebrations.com to www.kathrynthall.com. What changes have you made for the New Year?