Celebrate Black History Month By Blogging

Hello my name is Kathryn T. Hall and I want to start a Black History Month blogging challenge on Twitter. February is Black History Month and is almost here. Let’s celebrate it together. I am calling the blog trend #BlogBlHistory. Black History Month + Blogs = BlogBlHistory. My website to tag me at is www.kathrynthall.com

#BlogBlHistory is a blogging challenge which consists in publishing blogs sharing positive information about Black History Month in order to celebrate the month!  #BlogBlHistory are similar to the #blogmas at Christmas. Everyone celebrates Christmas in their own way and #BlogBlHistory tags are just an extension of that.

To participate enter the name and blog web address of the person who tagged you for your BlogBlHistory. At the end of your BlogBlHistory post tags fellow bloggers to take the same challenge.  For each week in February 2019 a BlogBlHistory topic will be tagged. This is a super simple, fun and great way for all bloggers to celebrate Black History Month! Please tag me at www.kathrynthall.com in all of your BlogBlHistory posts!

List of Black History Month Weekly Tags:

  • February 1st – List 10 African American Inventors and their Inventions.

  • February 8th – List 10 African American Books and their Authors.

  • February 15th – List Your Top 10 Songs Sung By Black Artists.

  • February 22nd – Top 10 Favorite Black Television Shows.

  • February 28th – Top 10 Favorite Black Movies.


If you would like to participate choose the date(s) and corresponding topic(s) you want to participate in. Happy Black History Blogging! Tag me at the beginning of the tag and tag everyone you want to participate at the end of the tag. Use the hashtag #BlogBlHistory when posting the blogs on Twitter.


If you want to be tagged leave me your name, website address and which topics you would like to be tagged in, in the comments!

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