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10 African American Inventors and Their Inventions 

A good way to help children learn about the many contributions of African Americans is to have them explore some of the many inventions created by African Americans. For some helpful information on African American inventors and their inventions please click on the links highlighted in red.

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African American Inventors and their Inventions

  1. Lonnie Johnson invented the Super-Soaking Water Gun. 
  1. Alexander Miles invented Automatic or Electric Elevator Doors.
  1. Charles Drew invented preservation of Blood Plasma or the Blood Bank.

  1. Garret Morgan invented the Gas Mask and the Traffic Signal
  1. George Crum invented the Potato Chip
  1. Elijah “Real McCoy” McCoy invented the Lubricator Cup – a cup that automatically drips the proper amount of oil into the moving parts of the train engine. 

  1. Marie Van Brittan Brown – “Home Security System Utilizing Television Surveillance”. She designed a closed-circuit security system that monitored visitors via camera and projected their images onto a television monitor. Not only that, a panic button contacted the police immediately.
  1. Shirley Ann Jackson invented the Portable Fax, Touch tone Telephone, Solar Cells, Fiber Optic Cables, and the Technology Behind Caller ID and Call Waiting

  1. Jan Ernst Matzelige he invented the Shoe Lasting Machine, which made shoes more affordable and much faster
  1. Benjamin Banneker invented the First Clock built in the New World, it kept perfect time for forty years. 

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