Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Everyone please let me know if you have any New Year Resolutions! I changed my website domain from www.creativetouchescelebrations.com to www.kathrynthall.com. What changes have you made for the New Year?

New Web Address

New Web Address

Hello Everyone! I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year 2019! This year my major goal will be publishing my first book!!!! This is super exciting for me! I want to say thank you to everyone who has signed up for my weekly blog and followed me on this journey! 

I also want to give a sincere thank you to the talented authors who have taken out time out of their busy schedules to let me interview them for my blog! Thank you Lorraine O’Garro and Julieann T. Randall! Please subscribe to my blog so you do not miss out on the wonderful author interviews that will be featured here in 2019!

The content form www.creativetouchescelebration.com has been forwarded to my new website address of www.kathrythall.com.  Changing my website address is a part of rebranding I am doing. I changed from wordpress.com to wordpress.org so you can enjoy my website without unwanted advertisement hindering your view and enjoyment. I also have so new features on this new website medium that I can’t wait to explore.

I hope everyone has a magnificent New Year! God Bless You All and let me know what you think of the new website.


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Author Interview : Julieann T. Randall

Author Interview : Julieann T. Randall

Julieann Randall

On December 11, 2018 I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Julieann T. Randall. Julieana is a new author who is adding diversity and compassion to out literary selections. Her character Jade is a eleven year old African American girl who has a strong self-esteem, even when faced with being bullied at her new school. To watch our interview click here.

Media Kit A1

To stay up to date on Julieann T. Randal and her empowering young adult novel Jade Joureys check out her website. To purchase Jade Journeys, Say it Loud! Affirmation Cards, self-esteem journal & pen set,  or magical t-shirt click here.

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CLick here to Watch the Interview with Julieann T. Randall.

Please Like and Comment. Did you or children close to you deal with bullying in school? Did you check out Julieann T. Randall’s website?  How do you support youth in your life who have went though or who are undergoing bullying? What did you think about the wonderful positive esteem boasting items available? 

Interview with Author Lorraine O’Garro

Interview with Author Lorraine O’Garro


On November 30, 2018, I had the esteemed pleasure of interviewing Lorraine O’Garro via Skype from London, England.  She is the children’s author of, The Alphabet with Bella and Numbers with Bella book series.  The main character Bella Sweeney is a beautifully illustrated preschooler. Bella shares her heritage with her creator Ms. O’Garro. Both live in London, England and have parents from Guyana in South America and Montserrat in the Caribbean. Both the books feature elements of Ms. O’Garro’s heritage.

In the audio interview Lorraine O’Garro shares how a lack of representation of black characters in children’s books, and a desire to see more characters that looked like her, inspired Ms. O’Garro to write her first book. This interview captures the necessity for increasing diversity in children’s literature. In the interview Lorraine shares her experiences and tips for upcoming authors. The story of how Lorraine became an indie author is inspirational to any author. Click here to listen to the audio for the interview. 

Lorraine and Bella

Lorraine O’Garro and Bella


To keep to date with all of the latest developments with the adorable Bella book series  visit the website here.

You can also follow the Bella book series  at InstagramTwitter,  and Facebook.

To purchase the delightful Bella books click this link.  


Audio Link to the Interview with Author Lorraine O’Garro


Please Like and Comment. Comment below after listening to the audio interview your thoughts and opinions on diversity in children’s literature. Comment about your experience as an author. Are you a parent or grandparent who has been looking for books with ethnic characters for your child or grandchild? Let us know in the comments. Did you check out Bella’s website?
Share your thoughts on this adorable character.