Establishing Your Author’s Platform

Establishing Your Author’s Platform

Today let’s look at establishing an author’s platform. A few days ago I was on a Facebook group for new authors. As I was networking on the page I mentioned I was working on my author’s platform. One of the ladies I was networking with commented she didn’t know what an author’s platform was.

From the information I have gathered from more established author’s, YouTube video’s with traditional and indie published author’s and even articles about being a successful author on the internet, they all agree that….Authors have to market themselves! Unfortunately, even when the author publishes with a publishing company, if they want their book sales to reach a larger market and build a fan base they need to develop an author’s platform.

What is an author’s platform? From what I have gathered in its simplest form, it is the author’s tool belt to increase their visibility with potential readers and followers.

How do you attain an author’s platform? The number one component in increasing a national or even global author’s platform is social media. You want a presence on social media so people interested in what you are writing about can get to know you. This also increases your credibility with your readers and helps them to be informed of when and how they can buy your books and/or other products.

 I started with a website from the research I conducted when beginning my author platform. A website is like your central hub for your platform. My website serves for my author’s platform in the following ways.

  • It includes links to my other social media accounts.
  • I host my weekly blog on my author’s website.
  • I collect subscribers to my blog on my website.
  • I collect email contact information on my website.
  • I have a comment area where readers can contact me directly on my website.

Next, I added social media accounts to my author’s platform. I was already an active user of Facebook. I made an author’s page on Facebook, and then added my website address to my Facebook page. After that I linked my Facebook page to my website page. Next I joined BookBub. BookBub’s is an online marketing tool that lets authors connect with reportedly millions of potential readers. However, you will not be on the author’s page until you are published. This week I joined Twitter. I had never been on Twitter before but heard it was an excellent way to reach a whole active author community and readers. So far I like it. I have gained 88 followers in three days. This is over triple what I have gained on my website list thus far. I will keep you all posted on how my author platform is going. I would encourage you to explore other social media outlets like Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Snapchat, Pinterest and YouTube. Whatever social media outlets you choose interact with your followers on a regular and consistent basis. Plus make sure to be consistent with your author’s platform.

How to consistent with your author’s platform? Fine tune your brand. Once your brand is fine-tuned, be sure to apply it to your author’s website and all of your author social media outlets. Make sure your brand colors, profile picture and logo are all the same as your website for each of your author social media outlets.  This way your followers will start to recognize your specific branding, making it easier for them to follow you.

When to start? Now! Yes, right now. The sooner you start your author’s platform, the greater following you will have when your book is released.

Celebrating Life: Today I am celebrating that my business cards arrived in the mail yesterday! This is one of many, many steps to growing my author’s platform and business. Don’t forget even when it seems like you have so much to learn and so many steps to take, each lesson and step are leading you to your arrival of being a successful author!


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