Overcoming the Bumps

Overcoming the Bumps

Today let’s look at celebrating our small accomplishments to bigger things, and not letting bumps in the road hinder us. I originally planned to publish my children’s book in CreateSpace through Amazon. I heard so many positive reviews and wonderful testimonies about the self-publishing experience with CreateSpace.  So with my manuscript completed what was supposed to be an easy sign up to CreateSpace and a simple process of downloading my book into their website was greeted with a halting road block. The road block said “CreateSpace is now closed to new accounts”!  Wait what??? Excuse me? I then did some online research and discovered they had been in the process of combining CreateSpace with Kindle Direct Publishing. I showed up at the end of the process and would now not be able to publish through them. Unfortunately the majority of the reviews pointed to CreateSpace being an easier and more enjoyable experience to navigate. Ok, life threw me a road block so what will I do? I did some more research on the next best place for self-publishing through YouTube videos, company research and my Facebook author groups. I concluded that I will publish through Kindle Direct Publishing for an ebook and paperback book and through IngramSpark for hardcover books. I may not get the ease I was anticipating originally but I will have the book published all the same. And the blessing in this is now I will offer a hardcover edition of my children’s book collection. For those of you that don’t know CreateSpace only offered books in ebook or paperback options. But being forced to look around more gave me insight into not being afraid to publish with more publishing company.

Celebrating Life:

Last night I attend a Mother and Son dance. The event was held locally and was the first time it was held. I do hope it becomes an annual event. I have always supported the Daddy Daughter dances. My daughter had attended them with her father as a young girl and I felt it was special to have that time to honor their relationship, and to make her feel very special. Well last night was about celebrating my son, our special bond. He got to be the center of my attention and felt very special. We had a great time!

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Mother Son Dinner