Tween Valentine’s Day Party

Tween Valentine’s Day Party

A cute and fun idea if you have a tween at home is to do a Valentine’s Day Party for the girls. Often parents of tween girls find their daughters in that  awkward stage between being a little girl and becoming a teenager. Oh do I remember the those days with my daughter. This age group generally does not have a significant other and the idea of celebrating Love and doing something special usually satisfies this group.

Allow your daughter to invite her best girlfriends for a few hours. I would limit the number to about 12 tweens including your child or children. Now after saying this, boys in the tween group may enjoy a Valentine’s Party for them and their buddies as well. So keep this in mind if your son is a tween.  Ask him and see how he feels also. First choice a good time to host the Valentine’s Day Party, often Valentine’s falls on a weekday, so decide do you want to have the party after school or on the weekend. Next, choose your location. For a small group it may be easiest and  cheapest to have it at home. If you live in an apartment, sometimes they have a rental room that you can utilize for free or with a small deposit. After you have your date, time and location picked it is time to organize your menu and activities for the party. Let your kid(s) help with these details. Make the planning stages a fun activity for you to do together.

To make the party simple and easy, concentrate on three key elements.

  • Decorations

  • Food & Treats

  • Activities & Games

Valentine Day Decorations

Valentine Day Inexpensive Decorations

A great thing about decorating for a Valentine Day tween party is that you can use simple and easy decorations to do the trick. You can buy a few decorations from your local Dollar Tree. They have a good assortment of helium balloons, silk flowers, silk flower petals, pink & red tablecloths, cups and napkins, plus many other Valentine decorations. You can also buy inexpensive Valentine Day decorations at Family Dollar, Walmart and other discount stores. Also check out local craft stores for inexpensive decorations.  Here is a link to decoration ideas.

Valentine Day Food

There are a vast number of party food options. You can always go with tween favorites like hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, pizza and/or mini hamburgers. Make sure to check the kids for food allergies. Here is a link to teen party food.

Valentine Day Treats

Treats are a must for Valentine’s Day! Here are some cute and yummy treats ideas.

  • Cup Cake Decorating Bar

This can be a cute and fun activity for the party goers. Pre-make cupcakes and offer two frosting choices. Offer two to three sprinkle choices to top the cupcakes. Also offer a couple of small candy toppings for the kids to put on their cupcakes. Click here for some cupcake ideas.

Tip: You can also buy a variety of three or so cupcake choices from the  store and put them on trays or platters. For example buy chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cupcakes and lets the kids choice their favorites.

  • Cookie Bar

Just like the cupcake bar you can have lots of fun with decorating cookies or buy a variety of Valentine Day cookies from the your local bakery or grocery stores. Click here for some cookie ideas.

  • Ice Cream Bar

Ice cream can be a great coupling with cupcakes or cookies. And of course an ice cream bar is a great  stand alone treat. Click here for some ice cream bar ideas.

Valentine’s Day Games

An adorable and fun game to play at a tween party may be My Heart is Bursting.

In this game the tweens will punch out mystery goodies from cups that are arranged in a heart shape and hot glued to a display board . Click here for game instructions.  Some great items to put in the cups for tween girls gifts are scented Chap Stick, mini hand sanitizers, mini candy, rubber bracelets or anything you and your daughter choose that fits into the cups without touching on the tissue paper. You can use some of the same ideas and add some items for tween boys.

Here are some more Valentine Day Game Ideas.

Mini valentine bags tied with ribbon are great prizes for your tweens. Everyone loves candy!

Valentine Day Candy Prize

I hope these ideas help you throw a fun and yummy Valentine’s Day Tween Party! Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Like & Comment. Please let me know if you plan to use any of the ideas from this blog. Also please post pictures and let me know how your tween or children Valentine Day celebrations turned out!