7 Days of Blogmas for 2018

7 Days of Blogmas for 2018

Today we are looking at Blogmas.  I recently learned about blogmas from a blogger named Amylou. I accepted her invitation and I will do two blogmas from her offer this December. Thank you Amylou.

Blogmas 2018


What are Blogmas?

 Bloggers sharing short Christmas blogs for up to 24 days in December are blogmas.  Bloggers can tag in the blogger who tagged them to do the particular challenge(s) at the top of their blogmas post and then tag people they are challenging to do the particular blogmas topic at the bottom. These blogs are in December and lead up to Christmas, which are basically Christmas blogs. Bloggers can post on various holiday topics during December leading up to Christmas. Christmas Blogs = Blogmas. Kind of catchy. Here are some blogmas ideas.


How Long do Blogmas Last?

Blogmas can last from December 1st to December 24th leading up to Christmas. You can also do a Christmas day blogmas if you choose. You can choose to only participate in few blogmas you are tagged in, do blogmas for the whole month of December or something in between.  It is truly up to each bloggers preference. My blog is under six months old and this will be my first time participating in blogmas. I am doing 7 days of blogmas this December.


How Can You Participate in Blogmas?

You can look at this link for blogmas ideas and join in the fun. I welcome anyone who wants to get tagged for the blogmas I will be doing on this blog to join me. Simply let me know in the comments or contact box and I will let you know which blogmas I will be sharing this upcoming holiday season and tag participants. I hear blogmas are not only fun but a great way to draw new traffic to your blog and meet fellow bloggers.


If you plan to participate in blogmas please comment below         

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